DIY Crepe Paper Poinsettia Gift Toppers.

DIY Crepe Paper Poinsettia Gift Toppers....

Step 1: We are basically making a Poinsettia, but it could be any large flower. To make it more authentic, stick to colors that poinsettias would be, like red, light pink or white.

Step 2: Cut 16 short lengths of crepe paper streamer. Stack and trim to about 7 inches.

Step 3: Separate and stack 4 sets of 4 pieces. Fold in half. Cut into petal shape from the fold. Repeat for all sets.

Step 4: Unfold each set and twist gently in the center. Repeat for all sets.

Step 5: Cut a strip of twine about 6″ long. Lay twine flat and layer the twisted sets of petals in an ‘X’ shape over the twine.

Step 6: Tie all the layers together in the center. Double knot on the backside of your flower.

Step 7: Cut a 4 inch strip of tinsel ribbon. This was a wired ribbon and I pulled out the wire, but you don’t have to.

Step 8: Tie the tinsel around the center of the flower and double knot, with the knot facing the front of the flower.

Step 9: Trim the ends of the tinsel but leave a short stub to mimic the center of the flower. Fluff and pull gently all the petals to form a flower.

Step 10: Keep arranging the petals until you are happy with the result. It should form a light and airy poinsettia....
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